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A story of neuroscience and algorithms


Deeptech startup based in Bordeaux (France),
we are the first company in the world
to provide decision support and agricultural automation services
based on plant electrophysiology.


The development of electroencephalography techniques (the measurement of electrical signals in the brain) has led to a profound change in our understanding of brain function and has enabled the development of diagnostic tools that are now available in hospitals around the world.

Couldn’t the transposition of these techniques to other biological signals, plant signals, have the same impact on our understanding of plants and the development of applications for agriculture ?

This idea won the SWO3 startup competition dedicated to agro-technologies in 2016 and is at the origin of the creation of Vegetal Signals in Bordeaux a few months later and its entry into support by the Unitec technopole.

Built in 2017 the company’s first sensors showed the impact of water stress on tomato signals, a first proof of concept established very early 2018. 2018 is also the year of the first experiments in the field, on vineyards and on wheat.

In 2019, Vegetal Signals demonstrates the feasibility of monitoring sugar levels at veraison in grapevines and obtains a first signature of mildew infection.

At the same time, the company is working on phenotyping methods on wheat, corn and sunflower as part of a project accredited by the AgriSudOuest Innovation competitiveness cluster. In 2020, the Lamarck 1 phenotyping station is inaugurated, capable of monitoring the activity of 512 plants in parallel.

The development of the Hydroscore application is based on trials conducted since 2018, in collaboration with many prestigious players such as IFV Pôle Méditerranée, the Angibaud group, Château Montrose, the Magrez group or the University of Stellenbosch and the Winetech agency in South Africa.


Coming from R&D, the company relies on
a highly qualified and inter-disciplinary team


Fabian Le Bourdiec



Marine Le Moigne

PhD Agronomy
Lead Agriculture & Agronomy

noellie e1664828786965

Noëllie Gelin

Agricultural engineer & oenologist
Agriculture & Agronomy


Paul Bui Quang

PhD Statistics
Lead Models & Machine Learning


Lamiaa Ouzzine

PhD Bio informatics
Models & Machine Learning

coralie web

Coralie Picoche

Phd Maths appliquées     Models & Machine learning

jean etienne

Jean-Etienne Morlighem

PhD Biotechnologies
Lead Tech integration


Gabriel Guillocheau

PhD Bio informatics
Real-time Data Pipelines


Denis Le Hegarat

Electronic engineer
Hardware design


Robin Coste

Senior Technician
Hardware design

riska web nb

Riska Madisse

Administration & finance

Marjorie Dabrin NB web 2

Marjorie Dabrin

Business Development Viticulture

Advisory board


Anahita Shaffii



Thomas Lewiner

Automatic learning


Benoît Sineau



Maeleen Poitrenaud

Business development

about us

« Using neuroscience techniques, we have developed sensors and analysis methods that allow us to continuously monitor plant activity and identify their needs in terms of water, fertilization or phytosanitary treatments. »

Fabian Le Bourdiec


Innovation Circle (Belgium) 2021 – Support Program

AgriFoodNest Israel 2021 – Laureate

France-South Africa Tech Bridge Program 2021 – Laureate

FoodTechMatters London 2020 – Laureate

Innovaday 2019 – Laureate

La Tribune Wine’s Forum 2019 – Young Talent

Winetech pitching den 2019 – Winner

SA Innovation Summit Africa Cup 2019 – 2nd Price

SA Innovation Summit Ambassade de France – Vinitech Price

VitiRev 2019 – Laureate

H2020 DIVA 2019 – Laureate

Aquitaine Amorçage – Seed Program

Pôle Agri SOI 2018 – Labellised

Univ. de Bordeaux 2018 –IDEX Label (initiative of excellence)

Technopole Unitec – Support Program

Forum Croissance Verte Region Nouvelle Aquitaine 2016 – Innovation Laureate

SWO3 startup competition 2016 – Winner