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November 2022

The Vinitech show is back!

RDV from November 29th to December 1st in Bordeaux to discover our technology and our new monitoring services on the state of health of your vines in real time.

One year after the launch of our Hydroscore, which monitors the water status of your vines, two new services eagerly awaited by winegrowers will be launched !.

Come and discover them and discuss them with our team at the Vinitech Sifel show

Meet us at Hall 1 – Booth C3008

They are the ones who talk the best about it…


Temoignage Celine Maussire Pichon Comtesse Vegetal Signals

« Over the last decade, a dynamic of excellence has been led by the team of Pichon Comtesse and technical innovations have proven to be great tools in the service of this perpetual quest. We wanted to be less interventionist on the soil, while seeking more technological precision in the collection of data.

For more than 8 years, we have already been carefully monitoring the water status of our vines at Pichon Comtesse. The new technology offered by Vegetal Signals appealed to us because it makes it possible to increase the number of measurements and reduce the difficulty of this task for our teams.

In addition to other field observations, this tool is an aid for steering our strategies of cultural practices in the vineyard in order to better adapt to global warming”.

Céline Maussire, R&D coordinator, Château Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande, Pauillac



All along the route of the Tour de France, the French agricultural world was keen to showcase its talents with stagings seen on TVs around the world. A tradition that has left its mark beyond our borders. France can be proud of its agriculture. But for how long?

The challenges facing farmers are legion. One major one: global warming. And you don’t have to wait until 2050 to realize it. The increasing frequency of droughts and floods is…


vigne sous ecoute

Vegetal Signals: listening to the vine

Bordeaux-based startup Vegetal Signals is developing sensors capable of interpreting the electrical waves emitted by plants. This makes it possible to detect water stress or even the attack of mildew well before the appearance of symptoms…



feuille vigne

Vine whispers in the ear of Vegetal Signals

This start-up uses the electrical signals emitted by the vine to spot water stress and control irrigation.
This technique also allows it to detect mildew in real time and indicate to winegrowers when they should go out to treat.
he Bordeaux-based start-up Vegetal Signals studies the electrical signals emitted by the vine by placing electrodes on its branches. In an experiment conducted under the supervision of the French Institute of Vine…




AGRICULTURE | VitiREV: actions, objectives and finances

On September 13, the VitiREV project aiming at an exit from pesticides in viticulture was selected as part of the national call for projects “Territoires d’innovation Grandes Ambitions” among 24 territorial innovation projects supported by the State to the tune of 450 million euros. On the occasion of Innovaday, which was held on November 13, we went back with Yann Raineau…


outil intelligent

Towards precision (organic) agriculture

Guided by intelligent tools, the manufacture and use of fertilizers are increasingly investing in the field of precision agriculture. On Veolia’s composting sites, reveals Guillaume Wallaert, director of the Biowaste offer at Veolia, “the AEROcontrol system, accelerates the degradation of residues thanks to a probe that measures parameters such as the temperature of the compost to optimize air injection, improve the process…



Boosting SA’s wine industry

The Winetech Pitching Den attracted over 1 000 entries this year. Dr Albert Strever and Gerard Martin spoke to Glenneis Kriel about the winning pitches.

With more than 60% of wineries struggling to keep head above water, Winetech launched the Winetech Pitching Den in 2018 to identify solutions that could help improve the overall resilience and profitability of the industry.

“We’re looking for innovations that can reduce climatic risks, improve water use and production efficiencies, and technological developments…


wine forum

The Tribune Wine’s Forum: discover the 2019 winners

La Tribune organized the 6th edition of its Wine’s Forum on Tuesday, October 16 at the Cité du Vin in Bordeaux. The event allowed to put on the table a number of topics that occupy the industry but also to reward several innovative and daring economic actors. Here are the 2019 awards….


IMG 2287 1 scaled e1675171747383

The top 15 Winetech Pitching Den finalists made their case at the 2019 SA Innovation Summit on Thursday, September 12

Attracting entrepreneurs from Africa, the United States, and Europe, the competition showcased an exciting level of agri-tech innovation with potential application to the South African wine industry.

The finalists were evaluated by a team of eight judges composed of experts from…



SA’s Nemabio takes third place at SA Winetech Pitching Den behind French startups

style=”text-align: justify;”>Cape Town-based biotech company Nemabio has taken third place in the 2019 SA Winetech Pitching Den competition.

French company Vegetal Signals came in first, while another French company, UV Boosting, was ranked second.

As part of the award, Nemabio will receive R50,000 for business development. In addition, the French Embassy and Vinitech will provide the startup with round-trip flights to France to attend the Vinitech Global Trade Show 2020…



SA Innovation Summit : 2019 Winetech Pitching Den Gagnants

The top 15 Winetech Pitching Den finalists presented their pitches at the 2019 SA Innovation Summit on Thursday, September 12. Attracting entrepreneurs from Africa, the United States and Europe, the competition showcased an exciting level of agri-tech innovation with potential application to the South African wine industry…




Diva, the new weapon of the Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation cluster to accelerate the digitalization of agri/agro

The Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation competitiveness cluster has just launched a first call for projects in Toulouse as part of a European program. Called Diva, this initiative aims to accelerate the development and introduction of innovative digital solutions in agriculture and agribusiness…